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    good ol W V

    Angry NEED HELP !!!! asap

    i was out for like 15-30 min jet ski runin good ... get down the river lil ways it starts smokein from the engin so i was like ohh shit !!! so pulld the key ... smoke rollin out i took the seat off it wasnt on fire .... but antifrez was all in n under the motor ... it draind out when i had my dad run me so more 2 me i had the dealership put the 130 thermo kit put on it so could sumthin have come lose ???? hit me up if any1 has had this prob or if sum1 could tell how i could fix it ...

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    Oooops, no coolant..!!

    bit obvious what the problem is to me.

    leakin somewhere, take it back to dealership.

    It might have jiggered your engine though, be aware no cooling twists the engine, and overheats the internals badly. Did the overheat alarm go off on the display?

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    yea when it did i boggd down & i just pulld the key i was lil scared it was on fire 4 a min

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    Check your hoses and clamps at the thermostat housing. sounds like someone forgot to tighten a clamp or a clamp snapped and a hose came off.

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