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    UREGNT**Can I use 40mm carbs on a 1996 sltx 1050


    I have a 1996 sltx 1050, stock 38mm carbs...

    I found a set off a 98, that are 40mm......

    Can I use the 40mm on my ski...

    If i jet it to the 96 specs?

    also, should I use the low speed adjusters off the 96 (put them on the 98 carbs?)


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    i dont think the adjusters will move over , i would say the the 96 jetting spec will be ok for your application ,

    since if my memory is right the 40 mm carbs came with 142 138 135 ,

    your carbs now should be 142 142 138 , so the extra fuel will just be good insurance since your going 2 mm bigger and it sounds like you might be moddifing it a little bit more down the road ,

    im running 00 40mm carbs on my 96 sltx i havent ran them for more than 2-3 hours on the old motor , the new motor with my add modifications will be a jetting game ,

    no modds to the intake manifold .

    but those carbs side by side and 2mm will look huge compared to yours that you have now

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    yes they will not change the jetting on the 40's to be the same as your old set (38's)...they are different and require jetting specific for them. The current jetting on the 40's should be just fine for your 1050 engine as is.

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