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    98 xpl sheared flywheel key

    I had a post a week ago about a 98 xpl that I thought had the wrong flywheel. bought a used one from reg. Got to putting it on and behold. the key was sheared. thanks for the help. do not know why. I did have one huge back fire while trying to start the boat. could that have done it or was it put together wrong?

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    My guess would be the backfire. It is pretty hard to put it together wrong.

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    I would think you put it together wrong-- I have seen it before -- more than once. I have NEVER seen a sheared 951 key when the flywheel was installed correctly.

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    If the key has been sheared off the flywheel wasnt installed correctly. the key doesn't hold it in position on the crank at all . The key only lines up the flywheel onto the crank only when installing and the front bolt does all the work . I usually drop the flwheel into a tub of boiling water for 10 minutes and then install and tighten bolt then the flywheel cools and shrinks and locks down over the crank.

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    could just use a torque wrench and Blue Locktite..

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    I did not do the install. I actually paid someone. The keyway is very small. the flywheel and mag are heavy. a large inertial mass. I am happy to find the problem.

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