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    FZ Discussion Thread

    Hey guys, my names Brandon and i recently purchased a new FZR. I've been "lurking" on these threads for a while now and read every new post in the Yamaha 4 stroke section for a while now....its addicting. Well a lot of questions have been answered, but I'm new to the performance skis (previously owned a VX Cruiser) so I just have some pretty stupid questions and I figured instead of hijacking other threads or starting a new thread for every question I would just start a general thread for questions that are pretty easy to answer. Everybody else feel free to post questions too, theres no such thing as hijacking this thread. I want to learn as much as I can about this SHO engine, even though I've been reading all of your other threads for a while now. Hopefully we'll get enough info on here so anytime someone comes up and asks should I get an FZ, well just refer them to this thread. Hope you guys think this is a good idea and well get some good talks going.

    First off, I'll show you guys how my dealer hooked me up with a trailer. I'm pointing to the lifting strakes....and they were nice enough to put the bunks under them. I'm pretty sure this isn't good and puting a lot of stress on that little area.
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    Take a look at this link! There is enough reading information to keep you bussy for days.

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    Any easy way to adjust the bunks is put a floor jack under the ride plate & lift one side at a time so can you position the bunks between the chines while the ski is on the trailer.

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    I got the bunks fixed now, thanks. I went for the first ride today and this ski is great. But there was one odd thing that happened. After I idled around for about a minute and then I would start to go the ski seemed to just stop when I hit the gas. So I would let off and then go again and everything was fine...Has anybody else had this happen?

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    Its a shame this thread hasn't gotten any more reply's...


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    I dont know what to say...I'm pretty sure everything that is known about these skis has already been said and it is easier to search if every new topic has its own thread...use the search function that is the best advise I can give and look at the stickys rips mod page and my sho library will get you started...

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