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    Friend almost drowned today, sunk his jetski in the gulf @ orange beach AL...

    not a good day. we came down here yesterday at noon and i'm sitting here in the hospital not even 24 hours later. we were out on the gulf jumping some waves... with the storm passing through the gulf we had some nice waves, about 10-18ft. After about an hour of messing around, we found a nice spot by the perdido key bridge, not in the cove but in the gulf which had the some big waves.. so we're about 300-400ft from shore and in some nice waves.. i look back and see my friends RXP cresting w/o him on the top of a large wave. i went over to him and see him bobbing in the water, head down unconscious. at very first i thought he was just messing around.. i jumped off my ski and grabbed him, flipped him over and we floated in the water, swimming over to my jetski. he didn't come around for about 2 minutes... finally started coughing a little but i thought for sure he had some serious brain damage because he was acting crazy weird.. mumbling, eyes rolling to the back of his head... i was able to pull him onto my ski and get him on shore, on and into the cove side. he's here, ok now at the hospital but they are keeping him overnight. he's in stable condition.

    the jetski, which was at first upright, i saw flipped over on our run into shore after i was able to drag him up on my ski...

    i don't know where the ski is, i think it sank to the bottom..

    if anyone has any advice, i would appreciate it...
    we are at orange beach, alabama, which is an hour from pensacola FL and mobile AL.
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    HOLY CRAP! Hope all is okay...

    Notify the police of the incident, give them a description of what the ski looks like...DO it before day break, so that if it is near shore, you can get it...

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    GEEEEES!!!! Thank God everyone is ok !!!!!

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    Wow, scary.

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    10-18 foot waves...
    what the heck were you thinking...

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    glad you were able to get him to safety and that ya'll were wise enough to not go out alone.

    I've jumped one big wave in my life a couple of days after a hurricane, and I stress one. that just isn't for me...

    hope that your buddy recovers quickly, keep us updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    10-18 foot waves...
    what the heck were you thinking...


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    I`m very sorry for yyour friend and it looks like he`s gonna be ok. BIG WAVE JUMPING REQUIRES A HELMET! I`ve learned my lesson. Thankfully with not this bad of a result. Air is cool. Helmet is a must.

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    I will say a prayer for your friend for a full recovery.
    10-18ft waves....geez.....too dangerous.

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    First, I hope your buddy and his ski turn out okay!

    We hit those size of waves out on the WA coast all winter.. It's all about knowledge. Next time, make sure you have a helmet and at least some sort of communication device. When we are jumping waves that size, we always have a spotter on the beach, with a flag system, so we know if it's green it's good, red somebody needs help, black return to shore asap.

    Just use your head next time out.. and I mean the brain part...

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