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    sl speed

    I'd like to begin by thanking everybody for the excellent insight on this forum. I am new to PWC's so forgive any ignorance. I recently bought a '97 sl 900 and expierenced the no spark issue. Thanks to the aid in previous threads I was able to successfully complete the ignition upgrade. Today I took the ski on the water and it starts but I can only go maybe 5 mph, even at full throtle. I also noticed that the bilge pump is not working (it previously did). I took the ski out of the water and reved it up a few times and noticed the impeller wasn't turning. I'm not certain whether the ski has to be in water to turn the impeller. Tomorrow I plan on inspecting the jet pump and impeller. I'm wondering if a bad pump or maybe some bearings would be the cause for the low speed. I've yet to actually ride the darn thing and hopefully my agervations will come to an end soon. Thanks for any thoughts

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    It sounds like the engine coupler is bad remove the driveshaft cover inside the hull and try and turn the shaft with a pair of channel locks becareful not to hurt the shaft if the shaft turns without the motor turning it is bad ,hold back the coupler as you try this .

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    I presume you have found the Polaris Service Manuals.

    The impeller is a direct drive connection to the engine. When the engine rotates, the impeller should turn.

    Are you hearing a high pitched metallic whine when you tried to accelerate? That would indicate slipping splines.

    Check for a failed bonded rubber drive coupler, or striped splines on either end of the drive shaft, or inside the impeller, or inside the drive coupler.

    To check this, remove the jet pump. Undo the four LONG bolts, and unfasten the cable ends for steering, reverse, and any small bilge siphon hoses connected to the jet pump main nozzle. Wiggle the jet pump body back and forth as you pull straight back. It often lets go suddenly, so be prepared for it

    While you have the jet pump removed, check for smooth operation of the impeller bearings. The impeller should spin very smoothly - no grinding, roughness, or wobble in the bearings.

    The impeller blades should not have large dings or bends in the blades, and the outer edges of the blades should have less than 0.020" clearance to the surrounding wear ring.

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