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    yamaha waveraider

    hello i have a yamaha waveraider 700 -97. its leaking water but its not the hull, and i dont now where the water come from. can some one tell me where its leake?
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    does water get in the hull when its on the water hose? This will eliminate your cooling system.

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    its only come in water when i ran it. i think its the exhaust, i try to flush it but i dont see anything where its coming water

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    some tests to run..

    leave it up on the trailer and fill the hull with water.. your basic need's are to cover it up to the level where the water is just level with the highest chine (about 5 inches of water) let it set and watch for leaks outside..(this may pinpoint leaking plate/grate mountings or fittings or a crack in the hull...check the gasket at the drain .. o-ring may be gone or the rubber gasket at the mounting may have walked out, letting water in..

    next put it on the hose ,start her up and watch for water from the exhaust and engine compartment...hoses or water box split up high ,are harder to find.. even a leaking engine gasket or head may not show except when your out beating the 'tar' out of it on the water..

    if your using the plate venturi syphon system, check that hose system and its thru fittings for cracks ( if they are cracked,you will suck air out, not water)

    check for leaks at the intermediate where it bolts up ( foam gasket in there.. known to deteriorate with time)

    if the hull has a fresh air intake in front, verify the baffle system and its drain tubes are intact and also check those fittings thru hull for intrusion or cracks...

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    i am going to try that. thanks

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