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    RXP Supercharger/IC Recomendations

    Hi guys, I am new so please forgive me if this has been asked a million times; I could not find what I was looking for by searching. I have a 2006 RXP with Scat-trax impeller, Riva intake grate, and Riva air intake. I run in Colorado at 5000-6000 ft. in 90+ temps. I have a $1000 to spend, so I can only do one or the other now. I will end up with both down the road. Should I do a SC first or an IC? Which SC or IC works best for my application? Will either of these require new injectors, or not until I do both? Thanks for your help.

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    u can buy the XS intercooler available in the online store for 430$ here is the link

    and add 42 injectors for 200$

    and add SC impeller for 450$

    which brings us to the total of 1080$ and with the discount ur going to get the total will be about 1000$ which is in ur budget hope that helps

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    I`d opt for the intercooler first.

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