Hi all,
I have a '95 kawasaki 750 sts and recently it overheated the first time i took it out since buying it. I never changed the oil in the tank because i didn't think it went bad but i'm pretty sure it did because it seemed watery after closer examination after the overheat. My question is now that I'm running it with new oil I've used a laser temp gun to measure various temperatures in the hull. The engine walls are running around 150 F , the drive shaft is around 160 F, the battery box gets to be about 120 F, are these temperatures too high? What should the engine temp be?

Also i have a '97 stx and after about 25 min of riding at wot the engine bogs down as if it'll stall and i have to pump the throttle to keep it running. I found that the air temp sensor was very close to the engine and was just wondering if this symptom seems to make sense because of that sensors close proximity to the engine? It seemed to be an electrical issue because of its consistency but the water temp light wasn't on and the engine was only about 120 F.