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    Question 2004 GTX SC Engine Removel & Tear Down?

    I have been playing with several 2 strokes and rebuilt a few. My question is, is this 4tech too much for a beginner with no special tools. I was looking at the engine removal instructions from SBT and they talk about special tools and a lot of hidden bolts. Are these tools needed? Is this as hard as it looks? I am open for a challenge, but If it is impossible without special tools I may just sell this thing as is to someone that can fix it.

    Any ideas, cautions, or encouraging words would be appreciated.


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    i haven pulled my motor, crankcase, and pto. worked on the oil pumps and SC all with typical tools you should have in your box. TORX sockets are a must!

    as far as taking the top of the motor apart (head, springs, valves, etc.) i have not yet done it so i'm not sure what it takes or how difficult it is

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    Thanks, I guess I will give it a try.

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