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    What is the correct AFR @ WOT ?

    First the search doesnt work for only three letters....

    I have seen 11.7 to 11.9 is what we are shooting for @ WOT.

    I also know I read 13 @ WOT with no load is ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbtd View Post
    I also know I read 13 @ WOT with no load is ok.
    What do you mean? The ski is under load at WOT. 13's you will see in the midrange RPM. That is ok.

    Here is a post from Jerry yesterday:

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    11.7-11.9 @ WOT

    13's when not on boost...

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    Depends on the boost. 13s is OK for 9-10 or less, way to high for a 15pound charger etc. Idle and off boost 13-14 is OK IMO.

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