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    Starting a 1988 550 project

    My brother and I are starting our first jetski project. We have a 550 that's been sitting for years, and as we attempt to turn the engine over, the drivetrain appears to be seized. Does anyone have any pointers / advice on the best way to diagnose exactly where the problem may be. Any help would be appreciated.

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    pull the pump , try to start

    the early 550 pumps had a stainless wear ring internal to the pump housing and it would grow calcium deposits between it and the aluminum outer shell. This would seize the impeller after sitting. or you rings fused to the cylinder walls if the ski was not winterized before being put up.

    my guess is the pump

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    DEF LOOK AT THE PUMP!!! Pull the pump first and then try the engine as seaobin stated above. The impeller is probably rubbing and it has jammed up the pump. Take the housing off the pump and inspect if there is any clearance on the impeller or it could be your bearings are bad. Then try to turn the engine over and check compression.

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    550's are a biotch in the pump area, remember to keep your shim's in order...

    I hate to say go to, but there is a huge stand up following there... if you can get past the 16 year olds.

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