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    Angry couple 05 scic sportster ?'s

    Ok guys I just put my boat back in the water for this season. everything was done just before winter by the local dealer for winterization and so on. The problem that I am having started right after I had the SC rebuilt by the dealer with the titanium washers after the ceramic ones blew apart on me 2 weeks after buying the boat last year. Anyways ever since the SC was rebuilt I have been having acceleration problems, the engine sometimes surges and feels like it's barely running on all three cyl. When I test the ignition wires they are good. the spark plugs are firing and the engine has equal compression accross all three +- a couple psi of course.
    Any ideas on what it may be? I was wondering if the SC was not rebuilt properly. Is there any way of telling?
    when I first bought this boat last year it pulled really well out of the hole and when cruising if your punched it it would pull really good too. Now at cruising speeds if I punch it it almost feels like a turbocharged engine that has to spool up.
    Are there any common problems that may cause these symptoms?
    Oh and just to clarify the acceleration or lack of is not cavitation although the wear ring does have some nice size grooves in it I only get very little cavitation when pulling a wakeboarder out of the water.
    Any help would be awesome peeps. And thanks in advance

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    If the supercharger was not torqued or properly repaired , then would it cause weird clutch operation of the supercharger?

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    WoW really I can't believe that no one has any input.

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    When the SC washers failed. Did the dealer do a complete tear down of the engine.If he just rebuilt the SC Your screwed. When the cermanics go
    you have to most likely. Replace the 2 outer covers oil pumps screens and other parts too. That surging could be you oil pumps failing because the ceramic particals wipe them out. Ive seen this before.

    Please read this

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    No I had a good talk with the dealers shop manager when they did the rebuild. They pulled the whole engine out and tore it down to clean it out. I had read all about the SC failure and made sure they did a complete repair. I am sure that if I have been driving the boat with a clogged oil pump I would be having some serious issues. I do know that the motor was pulled and torn down because my buddy is the Snap-on dealer for that dealer and saw the boat many times in pieces in the 2 weeks it was there.
    I am really curious about the clutch on the SC and if it is kinda slipping due to not being rebuilt correctly.
    Thanks for the opinion though I do appreciate it.

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    It could be that its not torqued correctly.

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    More than likely what type of engine oil is in your engine...?

    If you got the wrong type of engine oil, this can cause the clutch slippage of the supercharger and lead to severe supercharger damage in long shot...

    Other than that nothing much can cause slippage, unless they forgot one piece of the supercharger missing in there...a good reputable shop working on those supercharger is supposed to check the 'slip moment' (i.e. torque needed in order to break free the supercharger via the clutch system).
    Doing so they would have notice if the supercharger was slipping to easily.

    I suspect like said wrong oil type creating slippage of the wet clutch system in the supercharger.

    BTW: If the supercharger is experiencing slippage your RPM wouldn't go up to 8100RPm.....when you mash the throttle the RPM should be instantly at 8100RPM on WOT....if not reaching would indicate partial boost condition (no full boost pressure) that could be an hint to your issue.

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