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    GTX short circuit

    My 2000 GTX broke a compression nut on the reverse cable and allowed water into the ski, resulting in hydro-lock, pumping out , restart etc.
    It ran fine after that , but when I returned from a long run, refused to beep, next start-up . Battery also down to 2v
    Checked the fuse in the rear box-blown. When replacing the fuse there was a strong blue spark and a buzzing sound but the ski briefly started and back to blown fuse.
    Eventually found the area of the problem by pulling various plugs till it went out. The culprit was the plug from the magneto.
    When I pulled the motor, all looked fine.Bit of water in the cover-sprayed with WD etc
    What next?

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    test the stator.

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    well if the battery was down to 2 vDC then what did you do Jump it. The battery could have water in it and Salt water can kill a battery. The stator will do that. Check the stator. But when you pull the plug you remove the ground from half of the electrical system so its not a sure thing the problem lies in the Stator but it is a highly likely since thats what happens when it shorts out

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    GTX short circuit

    The batt was fortunately a sealed battery and holds a charge OK
    I'm going to test the stator today and will do it plugged in, thru the wires
    Y-Y read .1-1.0 ?
    Y-Gd read infinity?
    Thanks for the replies

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