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    No Throttle only idle

    I went out on the water today with the ski! It ran find for the first 20 miles. I did not go above 6000 RPMs.
    On the way back it poped and stopped. When I restarted it I had no throttle I could move the throttle all the way to Max and the only thing it would do is idle. I idle in to shore and took a look at all the connectors. Everything seemed fine.
    I noticed a little water around the throttle body, perhaps from hitting wave. The only way I could get this to work was to start the engine at quarter throttle it would pop in gauge for a second and then stop. No throttle response at all only idle! I tried this several times and finally I was able to run all the way back from the trip. After I dropped my wife off at shore and took the ski out to right hard to see if this would do it again. It did it one more time and I did the same exact procedure as mentioned before. After taking the ski up to 7300 RPMs and back down several times. Shutting the ski off and turning the ski back on I could not get this to repeat.
    I was told that the ECU is a learning ECU. Could I hvae had a bad map in the ECU because of riding to slow?
    Or am I having a throttle body going bad or PPU? I had no redeye that came on for this problem.
    When started system would do 30 second check and go off like everything was normal?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    What year and model are we talking about?

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    2004, MSX 150
    57 hr

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    T.P.S could be the issue. They do fail and no throttle but will idle fine.

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