Hey guys, this is my first post, so be gentle.

I just picked up a 1997 Polaris SLX 785 Pro yesterday.

The Ski is in real clean condition and only has 52 hours on the hull, and 2 on the rebuilt engine.

The engine was apparently built by a reputable dealer in michigan. The previous owner had told me he had trouble with the ski idling properly and it only did 57 MPH, so he just took it to the dealer, and they installed a new prop (solas) and put new plugs in, and adjusted the carburator, and it should now run close to 65 MPH.

Well I went for a very short ride today, and it rode ok, but power didn't seem to be there, or atleast what i assumed it would be. It was a little sluggish getting ontop of the water, but once on the water, it moved real quick to about 50mph, then i held the throttle for probably 15-20 seconds wide open and the best I got was 52.6 MPH at 6550 RPM.

Also, at 50+ mph, when you let of the throttle it doesn't seem to have any performance unless you open it wide open again. It sometimes stalls at idle after you slow down also, it seems to idle at 1100 ish RPM, but it seems like it would like around 1250 to me.

There is also a fair amount of oil laying under the engine bay and near the back of the ski, doesn't look like injection oil, more like gear oil??????????

But there seems to be a few clear lines that lay down there, is one of them a oil injection overflow, maybe the oil was filled to high and it bleed its way out the overflow into the hull???????????

Anyways, I thought I had read that these ski's like to run at 7800 RPM. Any thoughts on why mine is only running 6550. Also I am not sure what size prop the previous owner put on, what is the stock prop size.

I would like this to get out of the water in a hurry, but also do 60+ MPH if possible.

Also what are the best bang for your buck performance add on's that I should get.