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    Help!! 1300 won't idle and bogs!!

    SO I was riding this weekend hitting wakes, when all of a sudden the ski started to bog. The fuel was pretty low so I limped it back in to get some more fuel. I changed plugs, filled oil, and put in fresh gas.. It wont stay running, I have to give it gas and hold the throttle a little to keep it running and when I hit the gas it bogs, but after about half throttle it just takes off and continues onto 7150 rpms like normal.... I disconnected riva ecu and tried to run stock, no change. Put iso-heet in fuel tank in case water got in the gas. No change. It runs perfect on the topend... Im stumped and frustrated! Help!

    mods include, jetworks mod, d-plate, riva filter, riva ecu.. and its an 06 1300r with 30 hours... I landed kinda hard once, Maybe I rattled something loose..

    Thanks, Doug

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    I just read a thread about setting your TPS sensor... Any chance I could have knocked out a sensor from landing really hard?

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    Doug,what are your settings? Does the ski smoke alot at idle?

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    I am not sure what the settings are.... My ski will run decent with no ECU. I tried disconnecting ECU and still the same problems.. It bogs BAD on the low end. The topend runs perfect. When im going througha no wake zone I have to hold the throttle to get through it... It wont idle. I have to hold it at like 2000 rpm... It sounds like its missing too..... Im think the TPS sensor is screwed up... OR maybe I ran the tank too empty and the fuel injection needs to be primed...

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    It smokes at idle but not excessively..

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