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    What to do need help

    Hi, new here and need some help.I have a 99 xl1200 ltd that I bought 4 years ago it now has about 95 hrs on it. I had it out yesterday and started taking off and it lost power like it was running on 2 cylinders.Pulled the plugs and num. 1 the ground was bent to the electrode. I figured thats it power valve right, put in a used plug to see and low and behold it ran fine for about 1 hr.Then started to miss on num. 1 a little, put on trailer.Took it apart today and piston is trashed like something was in the cylinder but didnt look like all the damage was from today looked like some of it happened before, could something be in there and keep getting back into the combustion chamber.Power valve is still in place but has damage from something hitting it.Took cylinder off parts of the rings missing,felt inside the exshaust as far as I could and nothing. Now when I got this, the comp. was low on num. 1 anyhow.The other 2 cylinders look good.I want to redo just the one and i need a piston,jug,and 1 power valve plus gaskets. Now how do I check to make sure there is no broken pieces of rings in the bottom-end and where is the best place for oem parts and who does sleeving work,can my local machine shop put in a new sleeve? Should I just go with a new motor or do this fix. The ski has run over 60 mph,and would hate it if a new motor would'nt do that. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    had te same thing happen last week mine was from the oil line falling off no 1 carb and leaning out you mave have to strip it down to check the rest of your motor for fragments of rings specially the crank

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