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    should i have this fixed is it important?

    hi i was wondering if this is a need to fix thing on my ski or if its ok to leave it
    i haev a 08 rxp
    in the back near the i guess its the Exhaust pipe? its on the right side it looks like a black tube that goes intot he jetski near the pump this is outside of the ski not inside the engine my question is
    as i was washing it and removing like seweed etc a 3 inch strip of silicon came off that piece i guess its the exhaust or somthing i am a NEWB so im guessing its the exhaust there was silicon that came off of it so not i dont know if i should go back intot he water or what ? sorry i couldnt be more detailed im really new to this so i dont much of anything yet.
    i dont think if it was that important that it would have been silicone filled im sure they would have used a stronger material . the silicon basically went around the black thing outside the jetski in the back by the pump which looks to me to be the exhaust. can anyone fill me in thanx

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    is the exhaust flange loose?? will it unthread from the hull??also just check inside the hull next time back in that area to make sure no water leaking in.
    probably not a big deal, it was silicone from around the exhaust exit right??

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    no the exhaust is totally strong not loose at all it was like a small string of silicon

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    Most likely just excess silicone that peeled off, no worries ... the factory sometimes gets a little carried away and sloppy with the silicone.

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