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    Anyone use Powerflare instead of a normal Chemical Flare?

    has anyone heard of or actually used these?

    figured it might be a better idea than the chemical flares and it's priced similarly to the flare kits i saw at west marine... plus it's waterproof and it floats!

    i'm a bit of a flashaholic and i'm addicted to high-performance lighting ( so i'll always have atleast a flashlight or 2 with me as well... just wondered what ya'lls opinions are for using this as my signaling devicePowerFlare Corporation

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    When flares are required by regulation, would these be accepted during a safety inspection?

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    I like to carry several of the brightest strobes I can find. I like the kind that clip onto PFD though. I want at least one on me.

    In WA, PWCs are required to carry a signalling device but it does not have to be a flare.

    I still carry 1 or 2 aerial & smoke flares in PWC just in case.

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