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    Need some GP1300 advice please!

    hey everyone i am a new member here and i am looking for some info about a GP thats for sale and i am interested in. currently i have a '97 seadoo GSX that i have a few people interested in buying and i want to get away from seadoos and into a yamaha which i feel are better. there is a 2005 GP1300r for sale at a yamaha dealership near my house. they are asking $5,999 for it without a trailer which i believe to be way too high of a price. even on NADA its around a base of $4k. i have yet to go look at it, maybe tuesday, and the thing i am not sure about is it has 148hrs on it. is that bad? do i expect to see any problems coming up? also being use to my ski i have no clue what goes down with the yamahas (oil mix, easy/hard to work on, parts fairly easy to get, reliable?, etc.) i ride alot (50+ hours easy in summer) and plan on doing so this summer in a mix of water conditions so any help on if the hour issue will be helpful to me. also any help in general about the GP would be great. i read about the hull issue stuff too and i plan on keeping this thing basically stock and not a 80mph+ ski

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    offer them 4k for it imo...everyone out there is hurting...and I mean everyone. They will sit on it, think about it, and call you to accept the offer. If NADA says 4k, the dealer themselves definitely didn't pay that. If they did, its their own fault for stupidity. Also, I'd look into the Want Ad's, the forums and even Craigslist to see if there are any available. I am willing to bet you'll be able to pick up a newer GPR for less than the dealer is asking for the 05'. As far as 150 hours, its a Yamaha, not a Sea-don' a compression check, ask for service information...look at the plugs for color, wetness etc. At the end of the day if you needed to pull the machine apart Greenhulk has the tuners to accomodate you based on your location most likely.

    Good luck, hope to see pics of your new GPR


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    For $6k you can find a 2006 or 2007. Look on ebay, you can find them with less hours on them as well. For a couple thousand more I'll sell you my 2007 gpr with all the mods done to it under the sun, including the stainless 800 grate. It also comes with an aluminum or galvanized trailer, your choice.

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    148 hrs is not necessarily a bad thing- the more these ski's sit around it seems there are more probs w/them. Run a comp check though for sure. 05's have the upgraded pump and the GPR has endless info about it on this forum. Very fast hull w/ some motor mods. Although, once you go there, be prepared to work on it; not bad once the pipes are out of the way.

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