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    Bilge pump setup on 99 XPL

    When i purchased my ski the stock Rule 500 Auto. pump was not present, So i want to get something sorted asap as the way i see it is its sort of cheap insurance.

    I was first thinking ill track down a direct replacement as the mount and wires ect is still their for the 500 auto but these are way over priced here in Aus. I got one over from the states but it was broken on arrival

    So im now kind of thinking maybe i should just purchase the non auto switched version. The only thing is where do you guys mount the switch on your xpl's? Also the stock hull fitting is at the back next to the pump and is under water when sitting still. I will not be able to see when its actually pumping out water Do you guys just leave ur switched bilge pumps on the entire time ur ski's in the water or will they burn out? i understand that if i could see the outlet i could just hit the switch every so often to see if it was pumping any thing out but because of its location its not really an option.

    Ideas people?

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    i changed my bilge to a switch type as well. i leave it on if wave jumping, but generally just flick it on and off every now and then just to be safe. i mounted the switch on the hood just right of the speedo. i can take a pic if you want. it is a black switch so it blends in nicely.

    you can leave the bilge on and it shouldn't burn out. i left the outlet in the stock location. no you can't see it come out, but such is life and i don't feel like cutting another hole in the hull. i have the bilge on my 96xp mounted off the side of the ski so i can see if it is pumping out any water.
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    a photo would be great mate!

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    I bought a manual one and put it in the stock place but I also added another one under the PTO while I had the engine out. Both are wired to a switch inside the engine compartment I leave on when its rough. The stock switching from the mpem doesn't work cause the mpem is remapped. I have a scat pump so no bailers. Thats why the over kill. I rerouted the hoses and run them forward and put in 2 45 deg bilge outlet fittings out the side just in front of the mpem wear the pisser comes out but on the top half of the hull. I can see them and tell how deep the water in the hull is by the one is pumping. I also run open F/A's with outer wears but they aren't water proof.

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    here you go.
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    Well i went for a rule 380 gph with a switch and put it in the same spot as you did before i evenb saw the pic!

    Very happy with how quickly it empties the hull. Have realised after first day out since install today that I havnt routed the exit pipe well enough as when its sitting still water flows into the bilge ... can some one enlighten me on where they've run their line for the stock hull fitting (next to pump) on a xpl

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