Finally got my ski out on the Delaware yesterday. First off, whoever says they dont like that drone on the free flow exhaust is crazy. I love it....the ski sounds vicious. The nice rumble at slow speeds really turns some heads. I dont really notice it any louder at WOT but dont know if I just cant hear it because of the wind. I probably picked up about 100 rpms with the riva intake and I can hear the supercharger a lot better now. Finally....I had posted that I epoxied the stock intake grate insert back in because I didnt want to drill out to use the PPG kit. I will use PPG kit if the stock doesnt hold up. It held up great and the riva top loader makes the ski feel like its glued to the water. Definatley better in the chop. No other problems whatsoever. One last thing....has anybody tested how far you can go after the low fuel warning comes on. Mine came on and I made it back to the ramp in about 15 mins and I cant see gas sloshing at all. I would have thought it would have a little better reserve. SeaDoo should put a disclaimer on it because it scared the sh** out of me it is so loud.