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    Jetworks install on a 1998 XL1200

    I almost have my engine rebuild finished and was about to start my Jetworks install but want to make sure I am going about it correctly. If you look at the picture below, there is a red arrow where water is pumped that the line that the Jetworks piece can be installed? Then, I will make a gasket to block the water coming from the cylinder head and drill and tap a fitting for that water to exit the piping. My question is, where do you all suggest that I drill to put the fitting. That is the only part that I am stuck on. Thanks!
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    Okay, the Jetworks in installed on the hose going into the pipe where the arrow is in my original post. I have drilled, tapped and installed the 3/8 hose barb so I'm good to go on that. My next question: There is a pilot hose (pisser) on the post side of the ski...can I put a y-fitting into that hose and run both lines through that pisser?

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    This is NOT correct. The jetworks line goes on the other side of the stinger and the drain side is at the bottom of the stinger on the front side of the plate. The jetworks valve feeds the water box not the stinger. Your going to over heat your pipe the way your describing!!! The line you your pointing to leave as is.....You need to drill and tap two spots on your stinger One on each side of the blocked point!! There is no easy way to just tap into the lines like your hoping...

    Do a search there are diagrams and pics on here of what needs to be done.

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    be careful of what posts you follow... the 1200 non p/v set up is a bit different from the originally intended powervalve motors.... do a search ,there are how too's and line drawings here at GHPF and on RIVA's forum ..

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    So who is correct? Im lost.

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    i'm not the expert on this.. if you use head presure you will overheat part of the block and still get your same flow thru the pipe as before plus what you are diverting..

    yes... there are two points as stated above,that need to be drilled, then a hand made gasket/rubber block off, needs to be installed between the two points to interupt yami's intended flow, (if i'm remembering correctly).. its in a flange area of the pipe where the chamber and down tube meet (again, not totally sure ,do a search) ..I know the drilling points are different on the two style motors..

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    I called Riva Motorsports this morning to get their suggestion on this install. They said that the gains to be had on this engine (from a Jetworks install is minimal and that this engine actually runs well with the water flowing through. Also, there is the dilemma of a water source. You would have to plumb into the water hose(s) going to the exhaust from the cylinder heads. This would offer minimal water going to the waterbox side of the exhaust when you are idling which could result in overheating.

    Does anyone else have any more experience with this topic?

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    You dont need it I have 2 gp1200s and I have a jet works valve sitting here I am not going to put it on because I dont need it I did use them when I had triple pipes on my ski though.

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