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    Help 2002 GTX- trying to go out for the day

    One of my skis is giving me the normal 2 short beeps but then a long beep, the display is also totally dead. Thing is the engine starts fine. Any ideas??? THis machone did get some water in the hull yesterday. Trying to head out with my son this AM, but this has me stumped. Can't find the 2 short/1long in the manual

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    2 short beeps-- ready to start-- correct key. 1 long beep-- fuel too low-- 1 bar or the fuel baffle is not reading correctly. Info center not working-- mpem problems-- switch from your good working machine and try again. The guage problem could also be a bad connection from the plug to the mpem.

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    Not sure plenty of fuel. Also, why 2 problems overnight???

    About to give up on the day and head home with the machine. Anyone?

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    Limp Mode

    Started it again and it appears to be in Limp mode. Not rev'ing fully. No display so hard to tell if limp or not

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    MPEM controls the RAVE solenoid. remove the caps and springs from them to see if it revs better on the top side. Again, I am telling you to try the other MPEM in your other machine-- have you done that already? Any change?

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    Update - fiddled a bit

    It is a 4TEC

    So I fiddle around a bit with the cables under the hood, checking each connector for the 10th time tried it and everything was fine for 10 times beep-beep, information panel working all good, engine starting. Put it back together and beep- beep, long beep and no info panel. My guess is must be in the wiring or one of the connectors.

    Any quesses on where to start?

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    try replaceing your one amp fuse
    the one on mine would first ohm out closed
    then open there was a small crack this drove me nuts
    good luck

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    I got 2 of my GTXs very close in the garage and connected the info center cable grey connector from the bad machine (dead display and long beep) to one with a good display. All good.

    Next step is to take off the hood and take a peek inside. Hopefully it is just a connector on the back of the information center. I changed the gas strut over the winter so maybe too much pull on the cable.

    I am very happy it does not appear to be a MPEM issue

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