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    96 xp 787 won't start

    I have a 1996 xp that i picked up cheap for the girlfriend to ride. It ran fine last summer ,but now it won't start. Seems like the number one cylinder is getting to much oil in it, because I can take the plugs out and turn it over and you can see the mist of oil come out of just the number one cylinder. Sometimes you can get it cranked up for a few seconds but will just die after that. Any ideas. I would appreciate the help.

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    Welcome to GH! have you done a compression test yet? you should have at least 150 PSI +/- 2-4 PSI per cylinder. Sounds like you may have some blow by or getting no spark. What do the plugs look like?

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    The oil sounds like the inner crank seals or the case sealant as Robert has posted in the past has failed. Either way you will need to tear it down and reassemble. While your at it check the top end for damage as Nick has pointed out.

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    Yea, I did a compression test again and it is in spec. I rebuilt the top end two winters ago. I made sure it is firing, but can't keep it running long enough for the plugs to tell anything other than that the number cylinder is getting oil in it. Talked to a mechanic at a local seadoo dealership and he said that the cases had shifted and that there aren't any crank case seals. I didn't have it torn down that far so I don't know for certain. Ran fine the couple of times I had it out after I finished the top end, then it sat for a few months.
    I appreciate the comments. You guys really do have some great info. Great Website

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    Your mechanic at your dealership is not correct. There are 4 crank seals-- 2 inner and 2 outer. The inner 1's isolate the rotary oil from the cylinders-- 1 fails and oil fills the cylinder that the seal failed on.

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    So it could be an inner or outter crank seal, but probably better to replace all of them while I got it apart. I talked to another friend that has worked on a few jet skis and this is what he said was wrong with it, crank seals. I guess what I really need to do it start tearing it down so I can get a better idea of where it might be coming from. Thanks for the help.

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