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Thread: CDI clicking?

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    CDI clicking?

    I have a 750 SL. The display showed Lopr and I noticed the volts were only at 3.5. Put another battery in and the volts show 13.5 now, but there is an electrical clicking sound coming from the CDI box now. I can feel it clicking if I put my hand on top of the CDI. That's all I get.

    I did a dumb thing and forgot to put the plug in a few rides back after cleaning the haul. At least I caught it at the ramp, but the haul was full of salt water, up to about half way on the battery. It wasn't over the top of the battery, that would have been really bad. I rode off after I bailed it out with a cup and have ridden it twice since. Last trip to the ramp it wouldn't start and I saw the Lopr.

    Can you help? Maybe the ground is no good now that it saw salt water?

    Any help please?

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    pull the battery out and check the elctrolyte level. battery probably does have salt water in the cells.................

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    The salt water flooding was with the old battery. So that wouldn't be the case. Maybe that's why that one died though. Not sure how it would have gotten in there since it only went half way up the battery case.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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    solenoid clicks

    If it one click I would think you may need a starter (but also could mean low voltage) if it clicks multiple time battery amperage or volts may be low. I would try jumpstarting it. most new batteries require a charge. I dont think a cdi can click.

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    Charged battery & displays 13.5 volts

    It is repeated, rapid clicking. When I place my hand on the CDI, I feel the clicking coming from the CDI box. The display shows 13.5 volts with the current battery, which was a new, spare jetski battery I had to throw in my lawn mower. I've only had it in the mower for a few runs, maybe a month or two, and threw it on the charger before I put it into the ski. That's why I was thinking it may be the ground on the motor, now that it is rusting from the saltwater.

    Any other ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 750 View Post
    It is repeated, rapid clicking. When I place my hand on the CDI, I feel the clicking coming from the CDI box. may be the ground on the motor, now that it is rusting from the saltwater...
    Is it clicking all the time, or only when you press the stat button?

    If only when trying to start, I would suspect the ground connections. Remove the positive battery cable, and check for zero ohms from the batter negative to the engien block, and to the black wires inside the electrical box. Even 1 or 2 ohms is way too much resistance.

    Remove, clean, and re-install the engine end of the battery negative cable.

    Remove and clean the battery ends of both cables. Remove and clean the starter solenoid end of the positive battery cable, and both ends of the heavy cable that goes to the starter motor.

    Let us know if this fixes the problem.

    Once you have it working properly, be sure to protect the connections with Nyogel dielectric grease, or similar.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Definately inspect the ground cable connection at the engine base.

    Open up the elec box and see if any water got inside of it.

    Just a FYI: the CDI is only 1 part of the elec box, and is sealed.

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    Thanks! I went ahead and cleaned both of the battery connection cables with a copper brush and also the battery terminals. It is ONLY happening when I push the start button. I was guessing the motor ground and will start there, since I can see it. I'll have to follow the wires to find where the starter and seloniod are at. I'll also have to pick up some of that grease you spoke of.

    Thanks.... I'll make sure I follow up with you guys.

    I sparyed some WD on the ground connection last night after cleaning the batt. terminals and wires did not work. This morning when I hit the start button, I got an electrial POP from the CDI, followed by the repeated clicking noise again.

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    After you have cleaned all the connections to the start solenoid (follow the heavy red wire from the battery), and to the starter, and the engine ground), if it still isn't working, do these tests.

    Clip one of the probes of the volt meter on the battery negative, and put the other probe on the solenoid terminal that has the heavy wire going to the starter. It should read zero volts.

    Now watch the meter while you press the start button. The voltage should jump up to about 10-11 volts (the solenoid should click), and the engine should crank over.

    If the engine cranks, we're done.

    If the engine doesn't crank over, we continue the diagnostic...

    If the voltage jumps to 12.0 volts or higher, then the problem is at the starter motor. Either the connection at the starter motor is corroded, or the starter motor itself is bad (open circuit).

    If the voltage jumps to only about 10 volts or less - move the probe to the other heavy terminal on the start solenoid.

    If the voltage is about the same, while still holding the start button, then either the battery is weak, or the starter motor is bad (current draw too high).

    Note: WD-40 is a water displacement product. It will not clean corrosion from metal electrical contacts, and will not help electricity conduct.

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    Okay. I cleaned the connection for the ground on the motor. I was suprised to see all the blue paint on the motor grounding point. I used the dremel to clean up the connecting wire and the spot it connects on the motor. No luck yet. Where is the starter and can I get to it with out taking anything off? The heavy red wire went under the motor to the left side of the ski, but I wasn't able to follow it after that.

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