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    Question about my recent purchase of a 01 GP1200R

    While riding it, after I compared the two my 00 1200R and the 01 1200R. The 01 feels like a slipping clutch in a car. It is noticeable when spinning circles and then trying to take off and holeshots. Another issue is it wont keep up with my 00. The 00 will show on the speedo 65 at times. The 01 hit max of 60. I know they do not show accurate speed. The carbs recently had the diaphragms replaced, unsure what else. I do not think full rebuild of carbs. Maybe someone knows my problem or how to correct it.

    Will intake grate help or maybe a ride plate?

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    Is it bogging? Do you have a D-plate installed in these ski's? Besides a full carb overhaul you should pull the stinger out and check the cat/con to see if has broken apart. Also a compression check is always good to do too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramairformula74 View Post
    While riding it, after I compared the two my 00 1200R and the 01 1200R. The 01 feels like a slipping clutch in a car. It is noticeable when spinning circles and then trying to take off and holeshots.

    sounds like prop/wear ring, how`s the clearance and condition?

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    it also coud be that the felt gasket on your pump shoe is gone, which means you need to drop the pump shoe, install a pump plug kit, reseal it & reinstall, use the search feature, there are alot of threads on this

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    I was told the compression was all fine, I think 110-115 each cylinder. Not sure which, but was told all the same. The carb work was done at a place in Pa called Rusty Palmer's. I noticed that the sensor was cut off on the exhaust. I do not know what the cat/con looks like. I do not know these ski's well enough to attempt that job. I found a stinger exhaust on Ebay recently. I also do not know what to look for in the pump shoe area. I am a newbie to these. The ski does not bog at all. It runs out just fine, but gets caught on top end by our 00.

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    I agree with the impeller/wear ring idea.If rpm's are there,it's not the engine.possibly bad cavitation,maybe even bent blade.Or as previously stated,too much clearance between impeller and wear ring.Also possible someone changed impeller and installed something cheap knowing they were selling ski.

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    Pump issue. Reread all the comments here. Felt insert... pump liner wore... prop/liner spacing... you could have something stuck inside... pump tunnel crack... intake grate is damaged... prop is damaged...

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    Well, I spoke to Island Racing and he confirmed my problem. Next week I plan on buying a new Solas Impeller, Pump Seal kit and Impeller Housing. Costly bill for just buying a ski that I thought was in pretty decent running shape. I even test rode it, but could not really tell the problem until I compared my 00 1200R to it. Hopefully after this jobs gets done I wont need to put any other money into it for awhile. My goal will be to find used intake grate and ride plate, maybe more. Thanks for all your help.

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    I wish you better luck -- I know the feeling

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