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    A story of a SHO

    I have valued the info on this site and wanted to share a little back. Picked up a Blue SHO last year and got the riva 'kit' which at that time consisted of the Riva Intake grate, Air Intake, Intake sleeve, FFlow Exhuast, PPK and don't forget the go fast Riva Seat cover and had some fun last year. This boat was my leap from Old School and it was pretty fun for such a large craft.

    Like many on this site, I cannot leave well enough alone but this is still supposed to be my 'family' craft so I wanted off the shelf parts (no time to fab an IC), and picked up the R&D R4 IC, C-3, Powershot, and waited a bit for the 13/25, R&D Ride Plate, RD Sponsons, and have removed the foam by the air intakes plus all of last years parts.

    Last year I noticed that the intake grate and transom didn't fit correctly but I didn't mess with it. Once I got the ride plate on one side it actually sat lower than the transom plate. A quick call to R&D confirmed my observation that during boat construction all of the pre-drilled holes for the transom plate were all rotated a few degrees, thus the transom was slightly twisted and why the bad fit to Intake grate, transom plate and ride plate. Glenn @ R&D confirmed this problem started with the last few years of GPRs. Anyway, I pulled everything apart, cleaned up all of the paint from the mounting bosses on the intake grate, opened the bulkhead holes to allow transom plate alignment and installed both which ended up with my guess of good alignment between them and a bunch of 5200. The ride plate no longer hangs lower (drag), but I think I am going to do a tiny bit of grinding on it the get a better fit side to side. A quick note for R&D, I got instructions for everything except the IC install which it would have been nice to have a picture to reference the install.

    Now I think I have covered all of the necessary info let me say that all of this years work was done without any testing and the boat started right up and I got it into the water this weekend without ANY issues!!!! Air temp no more than 65, water temp 48 & I forgot the GPS. I have no other stats other than this thing is NUTS! Tear your arms out of your sockets kind of nuts. Distort your contact lenses top speed. I give cudos to those that can run 75+ to 100? You can pretty much create cavitation at any time any nearly any speed. It seems there are a few threads about the cavitation issue and at this point I guess I need to use a little 'trigger' control. I haven't gotten used to the ride plate, sponson combo as I seem to think there is now alot of lean in in a turn and at wide open speeds I have to rock it to turn a little lean at a time-I am affraid too much lean and the sponson is going to grab and I'll get launched. I want to ride a FZ to see how much different the ride really is.

    No negative rants here just scary fast, plenty of power to break the prop loose at will, and still family friendly - (note: had to extremely inform them to not grab a finger full of throttle) I ran it hard all weekend and it performed flawlessly, I will retorque and I think it is good to go (tunnel reinforcement in the mail). Thanks to everyone on this site, to Jerry - all parts ordered through him,

    and on this Memorial Day - To all that have and continue to serve our country!

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    Sounds awesome man. I got all my mods finished up in the parking lot of my buddy's condo, got in the water, and my GPS flew off the mount before I could even get a top speed run in.

    I'm SHOULD be between 71-72 but with no GPS I can't really say. Get a GPS pronto and post up some numbers in here!

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