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    low speed screws

    how the ---- are you suposed to turn the low speed screws? 2000 SLX

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    Remove the flame arrestor, and remove the plastic caps over the low speed adjustment needles. You may be able to adjust them by hand, or find a small flat blade screwdriver.

    Or just take the 6 bolts out that hold the carb in, and adjust it out of the ski.

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    I can turn the front & barley the rear screws the middle one is a bear with the carbs out! the book says ajust to the highest RPM and back out 1/4 turn I would imagine this is done with the ski running? no cool tool or screws with cables atached? there has to be a better way

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    I am not a carb expert, but you may be able to buy some T handle carb screws.

    Look like these, available from Watcon;

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