I have an 08 RXPX and since the very end of last yr when I purchased it brand new I have had issues with it. Tryin to start it up it cranks for a second n then does nothing. It does this for about 10 min n then if u play wit the throttle a lil as u crank it it starts.

It only has about 30hrs on it now. I just checked the plugs today and it soo lean the plugs are beyond white. I took it to the dealer last season and they said they couldnt find anything.

This weekend I took it out for the first time this yr and right away it giving me major start issues n if u jump it outta of the water and it goes straight up it stalls or bogs. Has anyone else had this issue?

i was thinkin about it n I feel it has to be some kinda fuel delivery issue. All the plugs are really lean but the last bank closest to the rear of the ski is the absolute worst.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.