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    Debris in impeller?

    The other day I was riding my R-12X through a channel that was really weedy and dirty especially since I was following a boat. Well it started to make this chattering noise especially when any throttle was given. It also seemed to be smoking a little bit as I saw some exhaust smoke. Our F-12X seemed to have a similar noise but it was less apparent. I'm assuming its some weeds or other debris stuck somewhere in the intake or impeller but I have no clue how to address this problem.

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    Mine doesn't chatter but when I get the grass stuck in the grate the whole ski will shudder like something is out of balance. If you still have the ski in the water, run your hand underneath and pull the stuff out. Otherwise pull the ski out of the water and you'll see right away what it is. Not a major problem.

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    The skis are out of the water right now and I only pulled off a little bit of weeds from the intake grate. I will hook them up to the hose and see what happens.

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    So how'd it run on the hose?

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