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    Help-07 GPR Wrong Oil added-Question

    My Nephew filled up my GPR with a fresh jug of Sea Doo mineral oil. Thankfully it was at the end of the day and it wasn't ran except for a minute or two to flush it out.


    I was going to syphon it out, will this get enough out so it won't hurt anything?

    Is there a better way? It looked like major surgery to take the tank out.

    Is there a chance that while only running it to flush it, the oil line going to the engine has enough in it to inject/mix it with the gas to be burned?

    Thanks... We'd like to get her back in the water soon but wanted to see what the experts said first.

    (yes he is still alive and no he won't do it again)


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    Sea Doo oil will work fine if the catcon has been removed and d-plate installed. If this has not been upgraded yet then siphon out all you can get and refill with yamalube.

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    Everything is mods.

    The low oil buzzer had just gone off when it was shut down, it took almost a whole gallon. I just syphoned off a little more than a gallon. There is no way to know if I am at the bottom of the tank because the tube will kink when I push it all the way in. Do I need to try to disconnect the fill tube at the tank and make a more clear shot to the bottom or will it hurt it if some is left.

    The sensor cap with wires on top of the tank is much easier to get to than the oil fill hose but I do not want to risk damaging it by taking it off.
    Thanks for the help...

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    if you fill it with yamalube you will be fine.

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