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    Exclamation Why slow go in the water?

    Took a 1998 SPX to the river yesterday. I just finished rebuilding the top end and have personally never had this ski in the water until yesterday. Engine ran great with crisp throttle response. However…. I couldn’t build up any speed! The ski never exceed a jogging speed. Giving more throttle would turn up the water in the rear but the ski did not pick up speed or plane out.

    Weeks ago I had pulled the pump in order to pull the engine out. All sure looked good with the pump. I aligned everything when I put it back together. Shaft splines are fine and I don’t suspect slippage. I didn’t measure the wear ring gap because it looked just millimeters from the propeller fins. Is the distance THAT precise? I’ll try to use some feeler gauges when I get home today to get the exact distance.

    What else is a probable cause to a super slow ski in the water?

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    If it's more than 1mm gap it's time to change it. Sounds like that's your problem

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    Yep, 1mm is the maximum limit.

    It is so precise that at 1.25mm it will not even move the boat and it will idle like it is on the trailer (I have had it happen).

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    Whew.... I did not realize the specification was that tight for the wear ring! I haven't measured yet but yes I bet it is over 1mm!!!

    Also, I was reading through the post and noticed where someone said there should be no movement (front to back) of the impeller. If so the thrust bearing is likely shot and it will also cause slippage. I have a feeling my problem is a combination of wear ring and thrust bearing.

    ... but at least (for now) my top end job seems to have the engine back to full life!

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