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    97 wave venture guage/speedo/meter ?

    Guys, anyone familer with these boats? enought to tell me if the 1100 part number will work in my 760 boat?

    760: GH3-6820A-60-00

    1100: GH3-6820A-00-00

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    no that wont work. That is for a 3 cyinder motor and i think the plugs are different. The speedo is not accurate at all(commonly known as the dream-0-meter). Your money would be better spent on a gps if all you need it for is the mph. only reason I kept mine was for the gas gauge.

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    thats exactly what I need it for, the gas/oil. idea's? suggestions?

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    Still looking, but now I need one for a 1100!

    looks like the plugs are the same.

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