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    ???Which jet pump for 98 GTX RFI?

    I need to replace fried jet pump on my 98 GTX RFI and can't seem to find out which one will work. It seems to be either a 140mm or 155mm. I have a 787cc engine. One reference says the 155mm is the ticket for this specific model, but it goes on to say that it's for the 900 engine rather than the 800, which I have. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Also, if you know where I might buy a rebuilt pump that would be great. I've found a couple of rebuilds on ebay, but no use to look farther until I determine exactly which one I need. Thanks,

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    you need a 140mm RFI pump. the RFI pumps are different than the regular 140mm pumps in that they have a larger hub.

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    thanks, appreciate the info.

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