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    Question 93 xp engine swap

    i was wondering if you guys could help me out.. i have a 93 xp 657cc and i want to swap it out with a SBT 787cc.. would this b possible?

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    not practical you could bolt in a 717

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    would tht 717 blot rite into it without me having to change engine mounts? and how much hp would i b able to get out of it?

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    i think it will. a 717 puts our 85 hp stock. how much will it make? how fast do you want to spend?

    if you are interested, i have 2 717 motors that need new jugs. $100 for each shortblock. might be able to build 1 good motor out of both and have nice extra parts left.

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    SBT won't swap smaller for larger

    You can't send SBT a 657 and get a 787 as a rebuilt it's an even size swap only. If you want speed, well it's gonna co$t

    Had a guy stop by the shop talking all kinds of smak about his brothers ski and how it's the fastest thing on the lake, brand name dropping trying to impress me for reasosns unknown yada yaday yada, looks at me and says what's the best bang for the buck to make his nasty little 580 go faster.

    Looked him right in the eye and said:

    "Losing 100 pounds would be a great start..."

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