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    is the 717 and the 720 the same?

    might be a dumb question but i got a 96 hx and looking to rebuild it(new crank,rods,pistons), the guy said it ws an 800 and my dealer said 717, what is it? i see lots of listings online saying seadoo 720. are the 717 and 720 one in the same? thanks for the help

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    Yes, a 717 is a 720. The displacement is actually, I think, 718cc but Rotax uses a 7 as the last digit of an engine number to denote a marine engine (thus 587, 657, 717, 787, 947).

    All HXs came with 717s but there are a few 787 (aka 800) powered ones around that guys have converted. Get him to take a pic of the engine. It is easy to tell the difference. A 787 has the exhaust and carbs on the same side of the engine and will have RAVE valves (identified by the black plastic caps with red discs in the middle) on the exhaust manifold. A 717 has the carbs and exhaust on opposit sides of the engine and does not have RAVEs. The only real similarity is the shape of the head.

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    thanks for the quick reply, when looking for engine parts most things im finding say 720, and no raves so im assuming it is the 717 then, thanks again

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    ther3e is a small black tag on your engine very easy to read and it will tell you exactly the size of your engine.

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    right. but the question was will a 717 bolt in?

    oh, we all forgot to mention that you will need the 717 electronics and a pump. i also have a pump but no electronics.

    i also have a complete running drive train for a 657. motor, pump, electronics, blah blah blah.

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