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    re-align 97 xp motor

    hey guys, sjut wondering if there is anyway i could do this myself?, other than taking it to a seadoo dealer.

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    You can either buy or rent one from SBT. Rent is like $75 and to buy is $150. I opted to buy one as i have 2 different size pumps and you can do all 3 different size pumps if ever needed. Not hard to do on an XP, I did it myself. Worth doing it yourself, you know whats done then, not taking someone's word for it. Plus when you buy it, you get all the shaft adapters to do any Seadoo model. Worth every penny in my mind.

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    On that boat alignment is easy. No tools needed if you have a good eye. All you are worried about is the gaps between the couplers being even. I have done it this way several times on a 947 XPL and have never lost a dampener

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