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    2 second beep while riding

    This is the second time this has happened,I am riding along and by time I hear the beep and look down at my display it's too late to see any lights or info on the display. I have a 2008 rxp-x and questioned my local dealer to check for pending codes but nothing, he said that he had one other ski same year [rxp-x] come in with a melted temp sensor but mine was ok.Anyone else hear this or know what to look for? It is not the fuel level waring buzzer both times my tank was around 1/2 full. Thanks for helping Rob

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    me too

    old post, but my brand new rxp-x does it too???

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    Is it normal for it to beep at you when you jump? or turn very hard?

    Can you get rid of the beep?

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    have had the same problem this problem related to the oil preasure sensor?? anybody?

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    This happened on my friend's X...It ended up being his VTS...Is your VTS working?

    Have you worked on your engine or unplugged any electronics? Maybe you left something unplugged..just a tought.

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    my vts is working.

    It ONLY beeps at me when ski gets certain angles. Dealer told said" he really didn't know, but maybe it beeps when it sensing certain angles and closes valve to breather?"

    I only have 45min. on ski so far! lol He said he will hook it up at 10 hr service to see. Hopefully it's noting major and makes it that far. lol

    I was just wondering if this is normal? OR can you program to shut the beep off or something.

    Still not 100% set on why its doing it?

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