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    My Rebuild

    So, I have a 98 1050 which needs a complete rebuild. It took a bunch of water and I started to open the engine up and tear it apart cause I was bored one day and its been sitting in bad weather for a few years. So I am now going to start and rebuild this thing. The good news is, I am an aviation electrician so I should be able to get through all the electrical easily but I need to find people to do the engine work. Does anyone know anybody on the east coast near norfolk virginia? Also, does anyone know how to pull the top from the bottom of the boat?

    I also do not know anything about pwc and performance but since I plan on having this thing ripped apart, what can I do to get a little more power out of it? I figured if I was gonna try and get more power now would be the time so let me know what ideas you guys got.


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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals, and lots more.

    What model is your 1050 - 2 or 3 seater?
    Are you familiar with riding the model you are rebuilding?

    Normally the upper deck is never removed from the hull. It was glued together at the factory, and it stays glued together.

    The engine and all other parts can be serviced or removed from the hull through the seat opening. The service manual outlines the process.

    If your crank shaft is so rusted that it is unrepairable, you may find that buying a used motor (working or non-working) may be the same or less cost than repairing your current motor.

    In terms of performance, how much stronger from a stock 1050 do you want to go? The Polaris 1050 'domestic 'engine is fairly strong in stock form, and rated at 120HP.

    The Polaris 1165cc '1200' engine is rated about 140HP. It is a drop in replacement in terms of size and fit, but many of the internal parts are different.

    You can boost power in a number of ways, from larger carburetors to tuned triple exhaust pipes.

    There are also tweaks that improve bottom end and mid-range acceleration, but don't do much for top speed.

    What kind of water will you be riding on - smooth, rough, or ocean?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk ! There is plenty of information here ,especially in the Tech section.

    Everyone here will be glad to give you advice,get some pictures of what your doing.

    If you are handy with a wrench? You don't need help.The 2 stroke is much simpilar than a car engine.

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