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    Fastest in my cove sfackett0's Avatar
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    The Eco jetski.... battery powered?

    Found this today. Chances are someone else has already posted before but anyway. Heres the link

    LOL you have to read this its from the company website

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    GOT BOOST? Dockside's Avatar
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    LMFAO at the video on there site, that thing look so slow and heavy aha looks like its going to sink...

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    Damn i'm gonna have to trade in my RXT so i can get aneco watercraft since mine smokes so much and has no torque.

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    i find it really odd with no sound.. but it looks like their on the right track. maybe switch to gpr hull and gain 10mph?

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    I just hope future models have more HP and burn more freakin fossil fuels.

    If AL Gore can ride in old Gulfstream jets all by himself, I can run a gas-hungry Seadoo.

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    Can someone tell me why he is riding with arms locked. Like he is going to fool anyone that this ski is going over 25mph. The idea is good, but the technology is not there yet. So for a 15 minute ride you have to charge for 2 hour with an 115 volt extention cord or you can upgrade to the 1 hour charger. You fun little ski you need gas or alot more batteries to keep up with a RXT.

    I see a lawsuit in the works.
    Electircity + water

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    It looked like a Honda to me

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    WOW!!! That thing looks super fast! I bet it weighs like 4000 pounds with all those batteries in there!

    Maybe it's just me, but I love the hum of that rotax motor!!! Quiet would just ruin the ride.

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    I like how he was trying to jump those impressed

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    It's just stupid. The gubmint thinks electric powered anything is the balls. Those batteries are a hazardous waste nightmare when they're done and can't hold a charge and a lotta hazardous waste is created when making them. And if we move to electric everything, we'll suck up just as much if not more energy by fueling overburdened powerplants running on coal, oil or gas.

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