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    Shipping from US to Canada?

    Help, I need to ship some parts to GH members in Canada and need to know what works best/is cheapest ... UPS, FedEx, USPS ... anybody?

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    Tell them to use a US addy no problem. Or talk with phillip gpr

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    Postal service is best, even better if items fit in the flat rate boxes.

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    Where in Canada?

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    I have shipped things to canada and the buyers have requested Usps. Apparently, it's easier and cheaper for them to work with customs and the import duties.

    Only downside to Usps is they don't have delivery confirmation(tracking) on international shipping. All you get is the tracking # for your customs form you fill out at post office.

    And if your parts are expensive and you're going to insure them. It's going to be tough for them to get them through customs claiming they are cheaper to save import duties.

    Make sure the buyer knows and accepts the risk of not insuring the parts if they insist on a low value for customs.

    Usps is pretty good. I just sent a package to ireland and portugal and they got there. We played the customs value game with them and the stuff got through.

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    Send them USPS, if you send them UPS or any other courier the he will have to pay the taxes and outrageous brokerage fees. Most USPS parcels go thru Canada customs and you don't have to pay any taxes unlike a courier where they always have to collect them.

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    USPS works well

    I've found that USPS works well, because of not paying brokerage & customs fees, generally. The no tracking number kinda sucks, but for us we see detailed tracking until it leaves the US. Then wait a day or 2 and the package shows up.

    FedEX and UPS will let you self clear the package, avoiding most (if not all) the brokerage fees, but you need to be near the port of entry. For example, in Montreal, we have no problem doing that with UPS, but for FedEx I'd have to drive to the border, which is about 45 min or so away. To save 20 bucks I'd have to run around with forms and waste half a day of work.

    That said, generally USPS works. Or, as someone suggested, ship to a US address, such as a freight forwarding company that can hold packages for a while, and costs fairly little. One that's close to Montreal is Freeport Forwarders in upstate New York, and their rates are pretty cheap.

    Hope this helps,


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