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    new here with questions

    Ok so i have a 1988 js300a ( atleast thats what the sticker says ) i was wondering what the difference between that and a 300sx is, when i look at pictures mine looks like a 300sx but is says its a js300.

    I got it for free in not running condition and got it running for the summer 2 years ago. i had a blast on but since have ridden way faster skis and its a little boring to me now.

    i pulled it out from under a bunch of junk in my garrage today and started to try to find performance parts for it but had no luck. i just won a the bid for a kerker pipe but is says its for a 300sx will this fit the js300? i need to find a head pipe too cuz it did not come with one, i may just have to have one made. is there any other good websites to get performance parts on???

    So i guess this is my new project i would like to do exhaust, internals, biggercarb, and impeller, what are my options and does anyone else have any ideas for it? (also it will be painted purple with arctic camo mats) thanks for any input.

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    only so much you can get from a one cylinder ski. save your money sell it to a small kid and buy a 650 or 750, either can be had for less than the amount you want to spend on aftermarket stuff

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    JS XXX and XXXSX refer to the hull type

    JS Series is longer and a bit more stable

    SX is shorter and bounces a little more

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    Js300 series are the same as a 440/550. The 300sx looks more like a 650sx.

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