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    Fired Up the red WR

    Just a quick note.. fired up the radicaly ported 500 motor on the protec pipe, tdr reeds and op f/a..

    I now know why you guys love those 'on the pipe' motors so much..
    sounds so f'n cool

    the 500 holds a rolling snarl at idle, then screams at a blip of the throttle..

    reminds me of a tuned pipe r/c plane on a small diameter propeller..

    I'd love to post a vid. ,but my phone is not capable..will try to borrow one ..

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    dirty jerzz
    borrow one man i deffinitly wanna check that out

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    jet value vs. high low turns??

    running it in on the hose today.. have 135 main, 112.5 pilot,2.0 needle w/gold spring and no dribbles... needles are both closed fully ,so i know i need to come down (SEE BELOW) . the heavy (gold from dull silver)spring and larger than stock (2.0 from 1.5) needle put me back to the o/e pop off value.. transition is pretty good yet a little sloppy off long idle on the first blip ..2nd is right there... chamber is warm to touch but not hot and the engine down low is mildly hot yet not to extream.. head and cylinder is touchable and water out back is about 140.. will do another cycle here shortly.. need to order smaller jets..

    A question with out searching.. whats the general value of a step up or down in jet vs. needle adj. ? or, how many steps in size for 1 turn?

    i know a needle's adjustable range is 2-1/2 turns, logicaly then the jets 'worth' falls within that range of adj.. is it 2/1, 3/1 ect ect

    update : went real old school and got out the jet drill kit.. started playing in steps with original's.. final until i get a plug chop and color reading..
    main .038 (.965 mm) high 1 turn
    pilot .033 (.838 mm) low 3/4 turn
    needle 2.0 , gold spring, no dribble ,
    transition is spot on and from long idle.. no bog..

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    two 1 hour heat cycles and cool downs (less than two gallons total burnt) staying set with those same jets ,it blips thru transition fine and holds steady rpms thru-out the rpm band..

    pulled the plugs, light brown color ceramic with a black grounds..they are only slightly oily but i'm running a 30/1 ratio on 93 fuel.. should be spot on about 40/1..

    will do a cold compression test tomarrow for ledger info..

    all in all ,very happy with the run-in for water testing!!

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    Sweet...time for video!

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    Hell, yes! If I ever manage to get mine put back together, I want to start looking for a pipe. I know they are out there somewhere....

    I am eagerly awaiting the video, also!

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