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Thread: under rev rpm

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    under rev rpm

    I had a 03 GTX SC, I pulled the motor and dropped in a 05 50hr 215 hp complete motor, I was missing the motor wire harness and the ecu.

    I noticed that my 03 ware harness didn't plug onto the manifold temp sensor so I put the 03 temp sensor on the 05 motor so the 03 harness would connect.

    OK, now I didn't have the 05 ecu so I used my 03 ecu, after a test run I was able to rev to the limit of the 03 ecu of 7620 or so and had top speed of 68mph, that is a 3-4 mph gain over my old 03 motor, all is great

    Ok, so my thinking is if my 03 ecu limited at 7650 rpm and the 05 ecu limited at 8200 rpm, I should gain in mph if I was to increase my rpm's, so I bought a used 05 ecu with 166hr. Popped it in and my rev didn't exceed 7500 and my top speed was only 64mph. I swapped it out with my 03 ecu and the rpm's increased to 7600 + and was able to top out at 68-69 mph.

    I took my ski to dealer, he hooked up BUDS and saw error, one was a fuel short error (he reset) other was a wrong key error (he reset) all else was clean, he reprogrammed the ecu to the throttle limiter and other things and said all should be good and nothing else to do. I took it home

    After dropping it in the water I noticed that while the engine was cold it bogged with any real throttle input (never did that before, both ecu's) after the engine warmed up for a min. or so it was fine. My test run did a top limit of 7020 rpm's and a top speed of 62 mph. After resets and reprogram it is worse???!!!!

    What is the deal here???????? and could this 03 temp sensor in the 05 motor be the problem. The dealer is clueless and can not do anything else.

    why can't I run to 8000 rpm+ with this 05 ecu?

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    From what I just figured out, I don't have this piggy back knock sensor wire installed with my 05 ecu.

    I would think that this is the problem and what is the P/N of this piggy back wire for the knock sensor so I can get one?

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    Also, what is the Ohm and Watt of the resistor, I just may put in a resistor?

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    If it is the same as the recall loom they gave out for the 04's it is 278002050 and i have a wall full of them.give me your mailing adress and i'll send you one.

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    [email protected]

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    Got your adress hamburger-no charge-i'll mail it 5-28-09

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    WoW, that's extra nice. I think that will make my summer if I can break 70 with this wire. THANKS a bunch

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    Del, I did receive the wire connector, thanks a bunch. I have not tested the ski yet, will post what I get once I test it this weekend.

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