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    Need some help with my 97 XP

    Hey guys, havent been on here in a while. but i guess the time has come to ask for some help as the season is back in swing. we took the 98 XPL and the 97 XP down to Ft. Lauderdale (first time they have gone into salt water), to go see my brother and to get them out on the water for the first time this season. I got them running while on the trailer and when we got there they were running fine. we took them out and ran them around all day long. the problems came the next day...

    We kept them in the water over night (which i have never done before). and when i went down the next morning to check on them the hull of the 97 XP was filled with about 3 inches of water (up to the bottom of the battery tray). the 98 XPL did not have nearly as much water in it but still had a significant amount. i put the key on and let the bilge do its job. once pumped out, i used the XPL to tow the XP over to the ramp to get it on the trailer to drain it.

    Once drained, i tried starting it.... no dice.... the problem wasnt that it wasnt getting fuel, or spark or anything... but that when the starter button was pushed, there was nothing. I cant remember, but i think if i do remember correctly, the PO said one of them had a bad starter button on it. I thought maybe the battery was dead... checked out to 12.7V checked it when the starter button was pushed.... no change. The only previous problem that this ski developed while sitting over the winter was the VTS quit working...( i think that is another thread) so what say you??? how can i check this starter switch, where should i go from there? The previous owner gave me a bag of new parts that he was going to fix but ended up selling instead.. there are two starter switches in there. I did notice that when trying to start the ski on the trailer it would sometimes just kick the starter once and then shut off. it wouldnt run the starter normally until the motor started. just a quick "bump" then off. then you would have to hit the starter button again.. quick "bump" then off... I just assumed that this was due to a dead battery. charged it and it didnt really occur again. my fiance said she had a hard time getting the starter/stop button to shut off the ski when we were out on the water.

    sorry for the long winded post... but i learned the more the information given, the more the information received.

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    You can check the starter operation by jumping the two post's on the solenoid. If the starter engages and starts, your switch is bad, if it still just "bumps" the starter the battery may not be good. It's not only voltage that starts but amp do the work. A battery may read 12.8v and not be able to supply the amps to crank it over. You can always try the battery from the other ski to see if it cranks or not.

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    forgot to add that the batteries are brand new.... doesn't mean i couldn't have gotten a bad one... but i will try jumping the solenoid when i get home.

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    try jumping the starter directly. sounds like a similiar problem i had with mine, and it was the starter.

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    its either the starter switch or the solenoid.... i bypassed the solenoid and she turned over.

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    fixed.... was the starter switch. replace and running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnight08 View Post
    fixed.... was the starter switch. replace and running.
    Make sure you inspect your ground where it bolts to the engine. It will corrode under the heat shrink tubing at the crimp connector and leave you stranded.

    Check this thread for a pic of what I am talking about.

    Also, for saltwater riding, swab a bit of dielectric grease inside each spark plug boot. Saltwater conducts electricity like crazy, and if you get serious with some surf jumping, and get the boots wet, it will foul a plug from the ignition spark grounding to the engine via the saltwater instead of the electrode.

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    They wont see salt water all that often. but i plan on going through all of the connectors i can get to with dialectric grease.

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