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    Question 1998 GTX Dead... Battery is good...

    Working on. A buddies 1998 GTX. When you plug the dess up to the post nothing is happening what so ever. The battery is showing good voltage. I found the 20 amp fuse is the front to be blown so I reeplaced it. Still nothing.

    At the end of last season he said the the ski was killing the battery while riding so I was thinking that he may of had a bad stator? However, when I got the ski from him it had been "dead". Nothing happens when the dess key is put on or the start button pushed?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There is no 20amp fuse on that boat. 15amp is the biggest. If someone stuck a 20 into the 15 slot they were trying to compensate for a problem. If it blew a 20 then it may have fried whatever the 15 was meant to protect.

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    what is good battery voltage = xxxV fresh charge?

    are all cables good and connections clean and tight?

    It sures sounds like something is messed up when a 5 amp larger fuse is blown..

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    I also noticed that there was suppose to be a 15 in where the 20amp was. Regardless, even with a good fuse in that slot the machine still is "dead"... does anyone know the values for the DESS post or any other component to check out for a problem like this? I'm on my phone and am not able to open the service manuals to check myslef...

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