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    Nope that is the pro plate made by bullett I believe.

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    okay, so that's not the RIVA groovy plate everybody says is garbage, I bought one on fleabay, I hope I didn't F-up.

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    I got one of those POS Groovy plates! You can have it for free!!!!

    On the other hand, The plate that you are showing us is a good one.

    I have the same one on my 97GP, it took care of all the bouncing it had with the stock plate.

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    Damn thing looks like the factory plate, just powder coated black...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBXJeepGuy View Post
    Damn thing looks like the factory plate, just powder coated black...
    yep the long o/e 97 plate.. bullet knew it was a good thing.. yamaha went to the speed shorty in 98... they prob. added the corners to be able to deepened the two runners a bit more,to handle ...

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    I have a 99 GP760 that bounces BAD!! I was going to put a couple washers in the rear of the stock ride plate, but this looks like a pretty good deal on a new ride plate.

    Will this solve my B U C N Problem??
    O N I G

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