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    Loss of power and rpm

    I have a bone stock 08 Ultra 250x. It has roughly 5-6 hrs on it and has ran great since day 1. It normally will run 7700 - 7750 RPM full throttle and was GPS'd at around 66mph on glass.

    I bought a fire extinguisher today because I hadn't got around to getting one yet. So I thought it would be a good idea to give it a spin around the lake.

    Our lake is a mid size lake with at most 2ft chop on weekends and basically smooth during the week. It is fresh water.

    Well I made it half way around the lake and the ski came to an abrupt halt and stumbled and died when I would try and give it gas.

    I started it back up and it would run up to about 3000rpm without too much stumbling. I got it back to the boat lift and popped open the seats. I saw the blow off valve that is connected to the intercooler had popped off.

    Went and got a screw driver and put the hose back on and tightened it up. Now it only turns about 7600RPM top end and does not seem to have quite as much out of the hole thrust, it almost seems like it hesitates and then goes, kinda like cavitation. That never happened before.

    One thing I did notice was that there were water spots on the plastic tray that is under where the seats are, I have never flipped it, never run it without the seats, and never really took on alot of water, especially on the back.

    I did not check the plugs as I did not have my tools at the lake and my dad doesn't have what I would need to do it.

    I am suspecting the plugs are the culprit, but at 5 hours? I bought the ski last fall, ran if for three hours last year before I put it up for the winter in a garage with the battery on a tender. I fogged the S/C at least once every 30 days and it has started and ran fine every time.

    I got the oil changed a month ago and put it in the water a couple weeks ago and have put about 2hrs on it this year so far.

    Any suggestions other than possibly plugs?

    Another question I have is a week ago the battery warning came on, the ski hasnt sat for more than probably 7 days without being started or run. Is it normal to run the battery down so the warning light comes on in such a short time? I am going to pull the battery out this weekend and charge it up to full and see if it goes down again.

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    Check the plugs first. Also check all hoses to make sure that they are completely on. I've had some hoses that were not completely tight and were leaking air. This caused me to lose power. As far as the battery goes, mine beeps at me after 2 or 3 days of not being charged. Try this and check back.

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    Check the PLUGS for sure....they are probably ski with only 8 hours and the plugs are done. Put new plugs in it and the beast is back. Where and how you fogging the SC? I have a feeling that the fogging oil is or it could be a cause for the plugs not lasting to long. before i started fogging my ski everything was fine then after fogging the SC 2 times thru the intake hose after I drilled a little hole like what others are doing and my plugs started acting I guess it could be a reason for the plugs to go so fast and maybe why kawi want us to take the hose from the Sc to the intercooler off and fogg the charger that way

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    Well I have plugs on the way, dealer said 7 business days so I said no thanks. Oreilly will have a set tomorrow at 7:30am, nice.

    Also ordered two new sets from so I have some spares, but ordered the CR9IX or whatever that model number was.

    Hopefully by lunch time I will be good to go and not have to go to the dealer. But I am still wondering why the blow off valve popped off, I revved it up after putting it back on and it sounded like it was venting the charged air when you let off.

    We will see.

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